14 February 2017

Love and marriage and golf?

Love and marriage and golf?

If you’ve been playing golf for a long time, you know that it can be a real time killer. Four to five hours to play a round (who really wants to play just nine?) is hard to fit in when you get married and have a family. Eventually, your significant other is going to venture onto the course or the driving range, hoping to see what you’re up to every weekend.

My advice? Invite them along.

My wife and I have been playing golf together for years. In fact, our first trip together was a golf vacation in Central Oregon. Does she play as much as I do? Nope. Does she take it as seriously as I do? No way. Is she willing to put those things aside and play in the occasional couples tournament with me? Absolutely.

The real key is to find an event format that you’re both comfortable playing. If you can find something that plays into your strengths and away from your weaknesses, that’s even better. In most instances, the couples events you’ll find are either scramble or chapman formats. We’ve chosen the latter as our event of choice.

When we first started playing together, my wife focused a little too much on trying to hit the ball a long way off the tee and paid very little attention to her short game. What we found was that we really needed better touch around the greens. Fast forward a couple of years and we’re suddenly extremely competitive because she’s helping chipping close to the hole and making long putts. It’s exciting.

Now that’s not to say that it’s always smooth sailing when we’re on the course together. As when I’m playing without her, I’m still prone to losing my mind after a missed birdie or sulking for a few holes after a double bogey. She does the same thing. Fortunately, we know how to diffuse one another and move on.

Before rushing out and finding an event to play in, spend the time to practice and play together without any pressure. Figure out what you need to work on and come up with some kind of game plan for your round. Most of all, be patient and remember that you’re playing golf and that should ALWAYS be fun.

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